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DBCan is one of the very few Canadian Companies to supply a complete range of solutions for Fire Suppression, Control & Management.


Novec 1230 (3M) - FM200 - ARGONITE – FE 13 - CO2

Innovative and reliable suppression agents for all applications

The comprehensive portfolio of applications available from Don Brentons, consisting of reliable, innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly products, systems and solutions, extends across the entire commercial and marine industrial chain. Moreover, because DBCan is one of the few companies to supply solutions to all areas of industry, it can work with its customers in developing cost-saving, integrated solutions as a single source supplier.

Extensive research and development of enabling technologies Innovative applications from DBCan are the result of extensive, market-oriented research and development programs with a view to providing key enabling technologies for emerging processes and applications. The underlying philosophy behind all of its development activities is to provide its customers with the best possible products, service and value for money

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Low Pressure - High Pressure - Local Application - Total Flood - Pre-Engineered - Engineered

Expert, tailored single-source solutions

For over five decades, Don Brentons has operated as a single source supplier of innovative Fire Suppression Solutions tailored for on-shore and offshore applications. From complex navy submarine applications through to naval and civil marine surface ships, centralized data centres, your favourite downtown restaurant and all other commercial areas requiring reliable protection systems. DBCan can guide its customers through the early-on stages of front-end engineering through design, supply and commissioning to operations and maintenance services. All DBCan technology is TC compliant and completely adaptable, ensuring peace of mind and ease of operation.

Low Pressure - High Pressure - Local Application - Total Flood - Engineered


AFFF Foam Concentrates - Protein Foam - Fluoroprotein Foam - High Expansion Foam Hot Foam


Today's operators/owners face a host of challenges including remote locations, harsh environments, extreme climates, and weight and size constraints. The challenges require solutions that are not only robust enough to ensure the day-to-day reliability and availability of equipment in hostile environments, but are also safe, effective, cost-efficient and have minimal environmental impact – over the entire life cycle. In particular, there is a strong demand for complex suppression and distribution and control solutions, auxiliary and emergency applications, automation, safety and monitoring systems and instrumentation, as well as for reliable communications and management capabilities.

AFFF Concentrates - Protein Foam - Fluoro-protein - High Expansion - Hot Foam

Detection & Control

Infrared - Flame - Heat - Smoke - Linear - Video Image Hot Foam


Class Approved Detection & Control Systems

The best solution for the designed application

DBCan utilizes the latest in detection and control technologies available in the market place. Whatever system or technology is best suited for the intended application through the overall fire suppression and management system is applied. The consultation and design process determines the best-suited system to protect the customer’s assets and operating environment. Infrared - Flame - Heat - Smoke - Linear - Video Image